Case Studies

Here is some of our previous work

This case was a full smile makeover consisting of bonded composite veneers. Taking into consideration the patients age and the fact there was no large pre-exisitng fillings, a more conservative approach was ideal. The treatment is non-invasive and great for covering deep staining and discolourations.


This case consisted of the patients entire smile profile being redesigned and constructed to give the patient both a functional and beautiful new smile. There were alot of existing large fillings which meant ceramic crowns was the best option for the patient to keep her teeth as long as possible.

Case2-Before Case2-After

This case consisted of placing bonded veneers on the upper front four teeth to fix a partially fractured front tooth and the general discolouration. It is a great conservative option when there is still a fair amount of tooth structure remaining. The dentist was able to make the colour of the teeth more uniform whilst blending it into the rest of the dentition.  Although not as strong as ceramic restorations, an advantage of bonding is that it can be repaired quite easily if chipping occurs.

Case3-Before Case3-After

Closing diastemas or ” spaces ” between teeth, isn’t always a simple task. There is a risk of the teeth looking out of proportion in their width : height ratio. In this case bonded composite was added to both of the lower teeth to successfully close the space.

Case4-Before Case4-After

This case was a full smile makeover which involved preparing and replacing twelve teeth on the upper arch. The makeover consisted of a combination of ceramic crowns and implant retained crowns. This patient was seeking a natural, healthy looking smile. The dentists goal was to open up the canines to broaden the smile and slightly reduce the height of the teeth to create a smile that was still age appropriate for the patient.

Case5-Before Case5-After