Never Too Young

We know how important it is that our younger patients are comfortable throughout life’s dental journey, and the younger they are the more important it is. Dentistry is different now and it’s important that we learn from history.

Our highly trained staff care for your child as if it was their own. Children enjoy cartoons on our ceiling mounted TVs and get to take home a show-bag each time they visit. Gifts vary from balloons, bouncy balls, toothbrushes and stickers, just to name a few. These tokens help reinforce our mutual commitment to their oral health. It makes us happy seeing big smiles on our little ones faces, we love it !

Health care has made huge advances in recent years and dental care is no exception. The life expectancy of a child born today is 100 years and their teeth need to last to help give them quality of life when they are old.

Dental on Cue’s holistic and multi disciplinary approach to oral health care is especially true for children. We work with one of three paediatric sleep physicians in Victoria, paediatric ENT surgeons, and offer the latest techniques in non-invasive orthodontics and proactive care.

We are qualified to discuss dental health and its relationship to:

  • Thumb and digit sucking.
  • Impaired nasal airway and subsequent mouth breathing and how it can impact the child later as a adult.
  • Snoring and excessive tiredness.
  • Multiple ear infections.
  • Teeth grinding.
  • ADHD..
  • Decayed and crooked teeth.
  • Orthodontics and its relationship to facial growth and aesthetics, posture, and potential predisposition to headache and migraines later in life.


Kids Dental Health is not just about teeth, its about giving children the best possible chance of a healthy and successful life. Every little bit helps.