The natural approach to removing old fillings and amalgam is to have a porcelain restoration placed. This is either a full crown that covers the full tooth which provides stability and protects the tooth structure underneath from flexing or an inlay which is a restoration that sits indirectly in the cavity.

CEREC is the fastest and most efficient approach to getting a crown. The computer aided ceramic restoration uses the CEREC 3D system which allows our dentists to create a perfect fit with maximum aesthetics within a single visit. Dental On Cue have been using this method on their patients for over 7 years now and have seen great results.

dentist-in-melbourne-crowns-implants-bridgesImplants & Bridges

Bridges up until recently were the standard of care for tooth replacement and they still have a place in our treatment options. Clinical and scientific research suggests that implants are now the standard of care for tooth replacement. Dental implants range from replacing a single tooth or multiple in top and bottom arches of your mouth. It varies for each person and we assess your needs as an individual, as not everyone is suitable for implants.


dentist-in-melbourne-teeth-whiteningTeeth Whitening

Whitening, also known by many as “bleaching” is the process by which a peroxide gel is applied to the teeth in order to lighten them. We provide the take home whitening regime as we strongly feel that this approach to a whiter smile is the best way.

While the process is considered safe, we suggest having a dental professional check the teeth before going down the whitening path to determine how effective the procedure is likely to be and to make sure there are no underlying issues in your mouth.

dentist-in-melbourne-full-facial-aestheticsFull Facial Aesthetics

People think that having Botox or fillers is the only way to facial aesthetics. Well,  believe or not a smile makeover changes your face by making you look younger, can take away some prominent lines around your mouth and cheeks and you don’t need to touch up every 3 months!! We make sure that no matter how much of your smile you want changed , it suits who you are and the results are extraordinary.