Treating Tension Headaches

The pain associated with Tension Headaches can only be understood by those who unfortunately suffer from them. Dental On Cue is a specialist dentist that is here to help.

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are one of the most common forms of headaches experienced and can unfortunately be episodic, occurring a few times per month, or chronic, where they last more than 15 days per month.

They can be attributed to muscles contracting in the neck and head and caused by a variety of factors such as stress, activity, poor posture etc.

The discomfort felt with a tension headache ranges from mild to moderate and in the latter case can be confused with migraines in that sensitivity to light & noise may be experienced in rare cases.

Here at Dental on Cue we incorporate a physiological approach in addressing these types of headaches to relieve tension and muscle strain by utilising an oral appliance to support the jaw while sleeping. This is one approach used to treat the headache and is effective in that it allows the jaw to move forward, which in turn promotes improved blood flow to these tissues as they are no longer compressed. Other conditions can be treated concurrently with this device such as teeth grinding, which can also be a contributing cause to tension headaches.

There may be other conditions that can contribute to this and to assist in diagnosis and be thorough & confident in treatment outcomes we are a part of an interdisciplinary team. Because the symptoms of tension headaches can be so severe and impede on one’s quality of life it is very important to identify causative factors.

We are here and ready to help you on your way to a headache free lifestyle. Please contact us today to speak with a specialist who can give you an abundance of knowledge and help you with a very successful treatment plan.