Children's Dentistry

Good oral health begins at a young age, and since children can develop decay and oral diseases quickly, we prioritise paediatric dentistry and looking after your family’s littlest smiles.

The Importance of Baby (Primary) Teeth

Even though baby (milk) teeth will eventually be replaced by permanent adult teeth, they have an important role in the oral health and development of your child’s smile and bite. Not only do primary teeth promote a healthy diet, proper speech and self-confidence, they also act as a blueprint for the development of the teeth and jawbone.

We recommend that children come to our dental clinic early – usually around age two or three unless a problem develops before then. It is also a great idea to bring little ones to parents’ appointments before it’s their turn in the chair. That way, they can become familiar with the sights and sounds of the dental practice and meet our team.

Check-Ups and Cleans for Kids

As with adults, prevention is the foundation for good oral health. Regular check-ups and cleans will not only keep your child’s smile healthy, but it also affords our dentists an opportunity to monitor growth, development and any decay that develops. Catching decay early usually means less complex treatment.

We also maintain excellent communication with parents:

  • How to look after your child’s teeth at home
  • Behaviour modification, including soothers and bottle use
  • What to expect as your child’s teeth erupt
  • Early interceptive orthodontic evaluation
  • Nutritional counselling to support healthy teeth and gums

When we work together with parents, children today can avoid many of the dental problems common with previous generations and have the opportunity to keep their natural teeth looking and feeling their best for a lifetime.

Avoiding Dental Caries (Decay)

Because kids love sweet treats, juice and lollies, avoiding dental decay can be a challenge. Having the proper information can make all of the difference. Sugar is a major cause of decay, but not the only concern. Juice and starchy foods like crackers and biscuits can also cause enamel to soften.

We offer dental decay prevention options:

Fluoride applications – Fluoride is a natural mineral that strengthens enamel.
Fissure sealants – A non-invasive barrier that we paint onto the teeth to fill in the deepest grooves and keep out bacteria.

We make recommendations on an individual basis and will be happy to discuss these options with you.

Mouthguards to Protect Teeth

As your child grows and develops an interest in sport, opting for a custom athletic mouthguard can prevent a knocked-out tooth and damage to the gums, lips and tongue.

Custom athletic mouthguards are more effective than their store-bought counterparts because they fit better and improve breathing.

Paediatric Dentistry in Kew

Many of our team have children themselves and understand the unique challenges that parents face when it comes to oral hygiene for kids. We look forward to helping your child develop a positive attitude about dentistry and a healthy smile.