Root Canal Treatment

While most people would prefer to avoid root canal treatment, there is a misconception about the procedure. Many people associate root canal therapy with pain when in actuality, root canals are a tooth-saving treatment that relieves pain and can save your tooth.

Why Would One Need a Root Canal?

A root canal, more accurately called root canal treatment, relieves pain and pressure caused by an infection. Teeth, like the rest of the body, can develop an infection. When inside the tooth, near the nerve fibres, pain can quickly progress from a dull throb to mind-numbing. This is why we recommend that you contact our Kew dental clinic at the first sign of pain. Our dentists will determine if root canal treatment is appropriate.

Gentle Root Canal Treatment

Many people are fearful that their root canal procedure will hurt. Once our dentists expertly numb the tooth, you will actually feel much improved. Because they will eliminate bacteria and all signs of damaged tissue, your body will then begin to heal. To clean the canals, our dentists use modern rotary instruments, which have flexible precision tips for faster treatment and fewer complications.


  • Apply anaesthetic
  • Make a small access point in the tooth
  • Clean out bacteria and infection
  • Place medication 
  • Seal the tooth 
  • Monitor healing

It is normal for your tooth to feel sensitive for a few days as the swelling goes down. Within just a few days, you should feel like yourself again.

In a week or two, we will have you back to the dental clinic for a follow-up exam and x-ray to ensure that your tooth is healed and ready for a final restoration. We will discuss your permanent restoration options and make arrangements for the final phase of treatment.


Why Do I Need a Crown after My Root Canal?

Root canal treatment removes the nerve and blood supply from the tooth. As a result, it becomes brittle and more likely to break, fracture or split. 

In some cases, a filling will be enough to protect your root canal tooth from becoming reinfected. For the posterior (back) teeth that do most of the work when chewing, however, more stability is necessary, and we will typically recommend a dental crown. Dental crowns completely encase the tooth and absorb some of the force when you eat and speak.

Successful root canal therapy and a dental crown can prolong the life of your tooth by years or decades.

Toothache or Dental Pain? Don’t Wait.

To find out if you need root canal treatment, contact our Kew dental clinic to arrange an appointment. Our dentists, Dr Joseph Juric, Dr Joy Fowler and Dr Wesley Ng, look forward to welcoming you to Dental On Cue and helping you feel healthy and happy again.